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Religious Education

Our Religious Education Program is designed to help provide a foundation for the faith development of all parish children who are attending non-Catholic schools. We believe in a  family-focused approach that engages parents and children in developing a personal relationship with God. We also provide the religious instruction for each child to develop a solid understanding and lifelong practice of the Catholic faith and Christian service. 

In light of the uncertainties of the upcoming school year, we are hoping to launch a pilot program where each of our Religious Education student's families are connected individually with a catechist. It will be the role of the catechist to meet with each family on a monthly basis for instruction, faith sharing, and activity planning. These sessions could take place in the family home, on church grounds, or they could take place virtually. 

  • Each Religious Education Program Family would be assigned a Catechist to journey with them for the academic year.
  • The Family would “meet” with the Catechist for about 45 minutes to an hour each month. The timing of the session would be at a mutually agreed upon time and location. (This includes virtual meeting options)
  • The catechist would provide a syllabus of content each month with the necessary resources to accomplish the learning. This would be an easy step by step guide.

The registration form for the program is below. Please contact our Religious Education Department with questions at